Data Analytics

Data analytics will be used to help EY perform assurance engagements. By leveraging the insights we can draw from our clients’ data EY will be able to achieve efficiencies and maximise the impact we have.

EY Helix tools such as the general ledger analyser and the payroll analyser have already been rolled out across engagements to great efficacy. These will continue to be developed and utilised but the new UK FS assurance team will be developing new bespoke and predictive methods to drive advancements in the analysis of information.

Teams have already been using self-service analytics tools such as alteryx and tableau to perform data manipulation and visualisation. As the UK FS innovation team develop new methods these will be rolled out onto engagements enabling improvements in client service quality and efficiencies in the work EY completes.

If you are interested in implementing analytics on your engagements then get in touch with the FS assurance innovation team who can help you to develop a roadmap of how to integrate analytics into your engagement.