Robotic process automation (RPA) refers to the process of building, designing and then utilising software to carry out automated processes which a human may have once had to do. But don’t worry! The robots won’t be taking over and stealing jobs quite yet. The UK FS Assurance innovation team will be focusing on creating impactful robots which can be rolled out across the UK FS assurance practice and remove some of the more tedious and repetitive tasks from all of our day to day to do lists.

To date we have deployed a number of strategic offerings including our confirmations robot and the directors ID bot which can be used to help eliminate some of the more repetitive tasks on the engagement. We also welcome suggestions for new processes to automate which you can submit on our sharepoint or on EY cognistreamer.

We also regularly run training courses for individuals wishing to gain skills in automation, please contact the UKFS assurance innovation team for more detail.