Government International
Trade Profession

Why this professional offer is important in relation to EU Exit

International Trade Profession was created to attract talent, build capability and retain expertise. This is the 28th civil service profession and compliments existing professions and their offers. More information about the profession can be found on

The profession covers the following areas:

  • Trade Policy
  • Trade Export and Investment
  • Domestic Economic Policy Delivery
  • International Negotiations
  • Core skills – ITP is complimentary to the work of other government professions and skills developed. Therefore we encourage you to build skills and knowledge which are relevant across the broad trade agenda including Policy Profession, Project Delivery, Analytical, Legal, Government Economic Service, Government Statistical Service

These skills, knowledge and understanding are crucial to the post referendum world. Going forward we are exploring other knowledge areas to develop including international engagement and implementation.

The support available to departments in all professions and functions

The International Trade Profession offers:

  • Learning &Development offer
  • Professional Standards
  • Career profiles
  • Network & Community, which includes events and newsletter

We are also exploring workforce strategy and pay & reward

How to access the offer and support available

Details to access the learning are available on CSL profession page which contains the L&D prospectus.

It presents a range of learning opportunities which have been identified according to 3 levels of learning

  • Foundation – knowing
  • Practitioner – applying
  • Expert – leading

  • The learning is hosted on FCO GLO, which is available to all civil servants. Details on accessing it are available in the annex of the L&D prospectus.

    - The two key learning at foundation level include

    • Introduction to Trade Policy
    • Introduction to Economics

    At practitioner level there are 11 modules available. All the modules are available as digital learning and are free to access.


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