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The world in which we work is far more complex, multi-directional and contextual than ever before. We will need to think and behave differently in order to successfully balance the human side of work with the increased impact of technology. Digital Age Teaming badges focus on portable, future-focused skills that enable us to build and lead teams in this new era.

The Inclusive Intelligence badge offers newcomers to the inclusiveness field, as well as experienced D&I practitioners, an opportunity to develop, deepen and refresh a differentiating skill set.

What are the skills developed by the Inclusive Intelligence badge?

This badge focuses on developing three primary, future-focused cluster of skills:

Display Emotional Intelligence

Develop an acute awareness of self and of impact on others, using curiosity and empathy to build trust, relevance and impact across boundaries, cultures and styles

Lead with Agility

Build agile relationship to adapt to various contexts, which include gig workers and AI, and engage accross all kinds of differences

Leverage the Collective

Navigate complex situations with flexible thinking, elicit and leverage different perspectives for different thinking, sound judgment and inclusive decision making